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Each boat owner battles with mildew buildup, exterior scuffs/damages, torn vinyl sun damage and cracking plastics.

Depending on the severity of the mould growth and staining it can sometimes be cleaned off. In more serious cases it will not only need to be cleaned, it will need to be redyed. Exterior damages if minor can be massaged out with Colorglo’s unique brand of cut polish and polishers, others will need a gel coat repair by a colorglo technician. Torn Vinyl is no problem as we not only re-grain the damaged area to make the damage simply disappear, but we also sub-patch the material so it becomes even stronger than it was the day you purchased the boat. Sun damage is more superficial and may need a minor fill, but where we shine is our ability to match colors. Plastics are no problem at all to fix. With our personal chemist designing state of the art fillers that allow us to not only create a seamless repair, but also increase strength through plastic welding.


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Color Glo International is the World Leader in restoration and repair of leather, vinyl, velour, cloth and hard plastics commonly found in the markets of Automotive, Aircraft, Marine and Furniture.